slipper day was really cool! our teachers all had their pajama's on and their slippers, as well as the grade 10's! some peoples' slippers were bunnies, or boots, or even ducks! :D
we have officially started with accounting in grade 8 right now. WOW! we really need to know our theory!
so yesterday i found out that our class had to study this weekend for an accounting surprise test next week sometime! yay...:( 
so now i have studied half of it. oh well at least it is not so much work! i think that it is just the idea of studying on a weekend.
i have also lost my outing reply slip! ahhh! the teachers is gonna be mad!
anyway. tell me what you did this weekend by leaving a comment below or clicking on the "get back to us" page on the top right hand corner!

lots of luv,


08/13/2013 1:50am

Hey! the slipper day sounds really fun! Sometimes I wished I went to a school to do things like this, but sometimes...I'd rather do school at home. It's cool that you want to become a vet and move to Hawaii. Keep blogging!


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