so we had a lovely holiday near the Indian ocean. we stayed for 8 days!
our dog lady is still pregnant and is getting HUGE!!!!
we had a really nice time surfing and longboarding. i also bumped into some old friends when we used to stay there.
that was by far THE best holiday i have ever had!

we hope lady will give birth soon as she is getting quite uncomfortable!
oh well! chat later and see you next time!


before i go i just want to mention that our doggie, Lady is pregnant by our sausage dog. :(
she had biewer terior pups but now it all went wrong. so now we should have a few puppies in a week or two!

so i haven't been blogging so much recently but i am finally back!
i have been so busy lately with schoolwork, but the good news is that the holidays are coming up and we are going to the the INDIAN OCEAN!!! for the first time in 8 and a half monthe my dad could finally get leave! YAAAAY!!! i am gonna surf, and surf and surf and SURF!!!!!!!!!!!!
so please tell me what you are going to do this holiday!
also our school had a fundraiser called the Cupcake Festival! we got people to donate and sponsor cupcakes to charity. so have a lovely holiday and i will see you afterwads with some photo's and a new post!
lots of luv

today our school went to a cheese factory on an outing! we had lots of fun tasting cheese and learning how to make cheese.
my favorite was a gouda with some basil pesto in. YUM!
if you like cheese be sure to leave a comment and tell me what type of cheese or click on the 'get back to us" page 

accounting is getting SO hard!

dreaming about the indian ocean again!

the teacher is going a weee bit too fast for me!
i do usualy get everything that is said in class but not at this pace! i cant even begin to imagine Grade 9! Our accounting term test is on Tuesday so we have to study, study, study!!!

then i have an english speech to finish for tomorrow. whew!
there is also this girl in the school who rode a cycling event for 70 kilometers! and she came first!
so that is just about it.


the weekend before last:

this weekend we went tenpin bowling with my family; brother, sister, mom and this time DADDY!!! :D
my dad is property manager of my school and is very busy, so it was nice for us to 'catch up again'!

last weekend:

so, the previous weekend we just chilled!
on Friday we went to a BBQ and on Saturday my mom did a running race while we stayed home. we ended up watching DVD rentals the whole weekend!


slipper day was really cool! our teachers all had their pajama's on and their slippers, as well as the grade 10's! some peoples' slippers were bunnies, or boots, or even ducks! :D
we have officially started with accounting in grade 8 right now. WOW! we really need to know our theory!
so yesterday i found out that our class had to study this weekend for an accounting surprise test next week sometime! yay...:( 
so now i have studied half of it. oh well at least it is not so much work! i think that it is just the idea of studying on a weekend.
i have also lost my outing reply slip! ahhh! the teachers is gonna be mad!
anyway. tell me what you did this weekend by leaving a comment below or clicking on the "get back to us" page on the top right hand corner!

lots of luv,

My school is having a slipper day as a fund raiser! everyone is going to wear their slippers this week friday!